1867   AddCause in sSBOes1, sSBOes4, sDOes1, and sDOes4

Created: 27 Mar 2023

Status: Triage

Part: Part 10 (2012; Edition 2)


Page: 40 and 42


Paragraph: Table 27 & 30


The test cases named sSBOes1, sSBOes4, sDOes1, and sDOes4 describe that Invalid-position may be included in a CommandTermination.req- or TimeActivatedOperateTermination.req- in the case where the equipment simulate to keep the old state.

It seems to be incorrect because neither "on" nor "off" is an invalid position in the case the position stays at "on" or "off" as the old state.

In the case where the position is invalid before receiving a SelectWithValue.req or Operate.req, the server shall return a SelectWithValue.resp- or Operate.resp-.

Please note that the definition of "invalid-position" is "Control action is aborted due to, for example, invalid switch position ('XCBR.Pos' or 'XSWI.Pos')" according to the table 21 in IEC 61850-7-2 Ed. 2.1.


We would propose that Invalid-position will be removed from the descriptions and only Time-limit-over may be included as an AddCause in the case.

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