1864   Replication of VAr capabilities between DSTO, DLOD, DGEN

Created: 14 Mar 2023

Status: Accepted

Part: Part 7-420 (2021; Edition 2, DER)


Page: 241

Clause: A.

Paragraph: Tables A.36


Storage systems are modelled by DGEN, DLOD and DSTO.
DSTO replicates capabilities from DLOD and DGEN by prefixing them with Cha and Dsch. So now we have ChaAvarAvl, DschAvarAvl, ChaIvarAvl and DschIvarAvl. In the description of the models, it is not clear whether it is mandatory or optional for these replicated DOs to be instantiated or not.

[From Christophe Brunner]


There are some rules in 4.3.6 Interactions between equivalent representations of a same resource.
Table 10 should be extended for the DLOD/DSTO correspondence for VAr.

The relevant tables of data objects should either reference this section or include copies of the relevant rules.

Note: DSTO inherits from: StorageOperationalSettingsLN (p198, Table A.18)

Discussion Created Status
WG17 February : Document to be clarified as needed 07 Nov 23 Accepted


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