1863   DCTE has two attributes whose usage is unclear : RtnSrvAuth (SPC), RtnSrvAuto (SPG)

Created: 14 Mar 2023

Status: Accepted

Part: Part 7-420 (2021; Edition 2, DER)


Page: 351

Clause: A.

Paragraph: Table A.86


G.3. Modeling of Return to Service After Trip

LN DCTE has two attributes whose usage is unclear regarding the permit service requirement. IEC 61850-7-420 provides the following information:
• RtnSrvAuth: “Authorization setting that permits the DER to return to service. True = authorized; false = not authorized. If true, the DER may or may not initiate the return to service process, depending on other factors. The CeaEngz command sets this setting to false [3].”
• RtnSrvAuto: “If true, the DER is authorized to automatically return to service; if false, the DER must wait until an external RtnSrvAuth is received to allow it to return to service [3].”


NOTE on IEC 61850-7-420: It is recommended to remove RtnSrvAuto and use RtnSrvAuth only with a changed semantic, to indicate permit service. If true, and the conditions are met, DER will return to service.

Discussion Created Status
WG17 February minutes: more explanation is required in the document, for example a table showing how the combination of DO states affect the return to service 07 Nov 23 Accepted
Discussed in WG17 February 2023
Documentation to be improved.
RtnSrvAuto is a setting, typically set during installation
RtnSrvAuth is a control, sent from the grid operator at the appropriate time.

RtnSrvAuto RtnSrvAuth
False False Wait for RtnSrvAuth command = true
False True Return to service now allowed
True N/A Return to service always allowed
14 Mar 23 Triage


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