1861   Add data object to indicate voltage is in may ride-through or may trip zone

Created: 14 Mar 2023

Status: Accepted

Part: Part 7-420 (2021; Edition 2, DER)


Page: 357

Clause: A.

Paragraph: Table A.89 and A.90


Voltage disturbance monitoring LNs DHVT and DLVT do not have any data object indicating that the DER is in the “may ride-through or may trip” zone.


Add a new data object to DHVT and DLVT
MayRtSt: Status indicating that the voltage is in the “may ride-through or may trip zone”.

Appendix G Modeling of Operational Functions from IEEE 1547
G.1. Modeling of Voltage Disturbances

Discussion Created Status
WG17 February minutes: the new data objects would be used in testing but probably not in operation.
Proposed solution is to add optional data object
07 Nov 23 Accepted
Add data object to abstract class RideThroughLN.
page 349
Table A.84

This will be inherited for both frequency and voltage ride-through operational functions.
14 Mar 23 Triage


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