1843   SCT handle different OriginalSclXxx and SCL version/revision/release

Created: 09 Sep 2022

Status: Editorial

Part: Part 6 (2019; Edition 2.1)


Page: 76

Clause: 9.3.2

Paragraph: Table 10


In the tissue #1450 is mentioned that originalSclXxx values shall match the SCL version/revision/release.

But there is no any clarification how SCT should behave in case these values are different.
And what value SCT should take in this case?
Also what SCT should do if in SCL element release attribute is set, but in IED there is only originalSclVersion/revision?

Historically the problem was in existing projects, where was not guaranteed that originalSclXxx are set or originalSclRelease is missing. What need to be done from SCT in this case?


Proposal 1 (preferred)
1) SCT should allow import of IxD with different originalSclXxx and SCL version/revision/release.
2) SCT should keep originalSclXxx values and skip SCL version/revision/release and show a warning to the user.
3) SCT can set IED originalSclXxx values from SCL values only in case none of originalSclXxx attributes defined. If originalSclVersion/revision defined, but in SCL there is also ‘release’ – it should not be set to IED originalSclRelease.

Proposal 2
1) SCT should refuse and not import IxD file where originalSclXxx and SCL version/revision/release do not match.

Discussion Created Status
Editorial 28 Nov 23 Editorial
for approval 16 Dec 22 Approval (Editoral)
Need to revise the second paragraph after table 10, upgrading rules and add SICS statement as proposed in attached file
01 Dec 22 Discussion (red)
Schema type "tIED" already declares meaning of absent originalSclXxx values as being those for Ed1 (2003 A 1). SCT should NOT be allowed to change this definition.
This is just another instance where proposed TISSUE solution (to TISSUE 1450) differs from the standard. To re-visit that old TISSUE is to work backwards in time.

According to Ed2.1 schema, all SCT/ICT tools are obligated to treat the absence of these 3 attributes as "2003A1" and process accordingly.
The SCT should not perform any "matching" to the attributes specified in the SCL element.
Suggest TISSUE to be refused.
05 Oct 22 Discussion (red)
open for comment 05 Oct 22 Discussion (red)
It is clear in part 6, that all OriginalSCL attributes are to be get from the ICD values, and if none are defined, then the SCT is using the values from the SCL header. The SCT cannot over interpret one missing attribute and not the others.

If there is a discrepancy between SCL header and IED attributes, this may be because the ICD is managing also old range of devices which are still in an older SCL version but produced in the latest SCL version.

We may add a SICS statement to verify that an ICT is correctly exporting the OriginalSCL attributes corresponding to the version declared by the device
05 Oct 22 Triage


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