184   Client discovery of setting group object list

Created: 12 Aug 2005

Status: Not Applicable

Part: General





Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


How does a client discover the list of object references contained in a setting group? It isn't part of the SGCB or the LN0 data or contained in the SCL for the IED. The relevant CDC's in 7-3 are not helpful because an SG can span LN's in the same LD. The client needs to have the list to comply with the required parameters for requesting the GetSGValues and SetSGValues services.


Clarify how the list can be discovered.

Discussion Created Status
Per definition of 7-2 all DATA attributes of a logical device with fc=SG are within the setting group, and all with fc=SE are editable within the setting group. The client gets an appropriate list (on MMS level, i.e. mapping of GetSGValue) by reading for all logical nodes within the logical device the variable structure with fc=SG respective fc=SE, depending on if the parameters shall be shown or edited. 15 Aug 05 Not Applicable


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