1837   DOname CtlFunModCmd too long

Created: 04 Aug 2022

Status: Accepted

Part: Part 90-14 (2021)


Page: 184


Paragraph: table 101


The DOname FFUN.CtlFunModCmd has a length of 12 characters. However, it is modeled with the Omulti presence condition. I.e. at least one additional character is required for the DOinstance.
The maximum length of the DO name (incl. DO numbering ) is 12, therefore the length of the DO name CtlFunModCmd should be reduced.


Change the DOname to FunModCmd. Change the DOname CtlFunModSt to FunModSt to be inline with naming of both DO.

Discussion Created Status
Accepted as interop tissue, because implementation is not possible 04 Aug 22 Accepted


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