183   GetNameList error handling

Created: 11 Aug 2005

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 8-1 (2004)


Page: 39

Clause: 9.3

Paragraph: Table 17

Category: Issue may impact interoperability of implementations of Edition 1


When the client request an MMS getNamelist with an unknown domain object reference, the server replies with an MMS ServiceError According to the MMS specification. According to part 8-1 for GetLogicalNodeDirectory / GetLogicalDeviceDirectory respond negative refers to table 17 which is not according to MMS. See below example with unknown logical device.

Acsi Request 2033: GetLogicalNodeDirectory
extendedObjectClass objectClass namedVar,
objectScope domainSpecific "DevLD0_XYZ"
Acsi Error 2033 : ServiceError {
errorClass access object-non-existent }


Add the MMS ServiceError to table 17 (similar as for table 18) and describe applicable error classes and error codes. E.g. errorClass "access" and errorCode "object-non-existent".

Discussion Created Status
Deleted reference to Table 17 in clause 11. Tissue 116 resolution added text to clause 11 that resolved this issue 16 Feb 06 In Force (green)
No change is needed since tissue 116 resolves this issue. The GetServerDirectory service is restricted to return the list of LogicalDevices (e.g. Domains) or a list of Files. Therefore, it is not possible to request an Domain object scope. The text explicitly specifies that the MMS GetNamedList objectClass is Domain. 16 Feb 06 In Force (green)
set to green 29 Nov 05 In Force (green)
Conclusion of editor meeting:

Update table 17 as proposed in the TISSUE
10 Oct 05 Ballot Period
changed to red. 20 Sep 05 Discussion (red)
The issue relates to the fact that 7-2 does not allow such a mapping (see Table 5). The current mapping of 8-1 service errors are constrained to that table.

A tissue in 7-2 needs to be entered.
20 Sep 05 Triage


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