1824   DA order in LPL

Created: 21 Apr 2022

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-3 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 106

Clause: 7.8.3

Paragraph: Table 86


The order of the DAs is changed in Ed2.1 compared to Ed2. Two issues regarding this.
paramRev and valRev have been moved first. This is probably due to the harmonization of the table structure (sub headers added, ST data under own sub header) even I could not find any comment in AMD1 document nor any TISSUE about this.
Is this not considered as backward compatibility issue?
Under the sub header "DataAttribute for configuration, description and extension" the order is also changed so that ldNs and lnNs are moved up before d, dU and configRev while earlier they where after.
This leads to that all DC data is not first followed by all EX data but they are mixed. When comparing to other CDC I could not quickly see similar "mixture" anywhere but all CF are first then all DC and then all EX (following the order of the sub header).
For this change I cannot see any good reason so it is probably a mistake?


Modify the DA order in case considered as backward compatibility issue

Discussion Created Status
Approved 22 Nov 22 Not Applicable
The order of the attributes is only relevant within the same Functional Constraint therefore we do not have any backward compatibility issues, as the order of the attributes within the FC has not changed. 11 Oct 22 Approval (N/A)
The CDC tables are autogenerated and follow the UML inheritance model.
The reported observation of table representation is correct.
There are however no interoperability problem, as the order of the data attributes within a given functional constraint is respected / kept -> therefore it has not been addressed in the compatibility annex; nothing changes for the server or client implementations.
1) ST data attributes paramRev, valRev were always meant at status information and therefore have been moved under status information. (instead of configuration, description and extension).
2) The order of the data attributes within the FC = DC was in Ed2 {vendor, swRev, d, du, configRev}, and remains in Ed2.1 document.
2) The order of the data attributes within the FC = EX was in Ed2 {ldNs, lnNs, cdcName, dataNs}, and remains in Ed2.1 document.

Propose to move to N/A.
22 Apr 22 Triage


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