1811   Comply with naming ordering convention

Created: 20 Feb 2022

Status: Accepted

Part: Part 7-420 (2021; Edition 2, DER)


Page: DER_ActualPowerInformationLN

Clause: DER__StorageLN

Paragraph: in model


To be compliant with nameing ordering convention, in DER_ActualPowerInformtionLN, AvlUpW should be WUpAvl; AvlDnW should be WDnAvl

In DER_StorageLN, AvlDschW should be DschWAvl; AvlChaW should be ChaWAvl


Correct the DO names

Discussion Created Status
Should be part of an amendment 21 Feb 22 Accepted
Also just saw AvlChaWTm which should be ChaWAvlTm (probably); and AvlDschWTm -> DschWAvlTm 20 Feb 22 Triage


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