1798   Incorrect signal from RBRF to RREC

Created: 22 Oct 2021

Status: Discussion (red)

Part: Part 7-500 (2017)


Page: 71

Clause: 15.6.2

Paragraph: Figure 40


The figure shows RBRF.Blk being sent to RREC. I believe the intention is to block the RREC LN using the RBRF.OpIn/OpEx signals.


Change the Blk signal from RBRF to RREC to OpIn/OpEx.

Discussion Created Status
So we agree that there shall be a change.

Are we proposing to use RBRF.Str to block reclosing or RBRF.OpEx and RBRF.OpIn? I do not think we can use Str, as the function will always start when a trip happens - so even with a successful trip and no breaker failure, the Recloser would be blocked

So we may change that to OpIn/OpEx (and leave it open if the RBRF is the local one (OpIn) or an external one (OpEx)

Note that another option would be not to initiate the recloser in case of a BF Trip...

I suggest the TISSUE to be future
15 Oct 22 Discussion (red)
Change to accepted.

25 Oct 21 Accepted
Right, the intented function is that RREC has been blocked by RBRF. The DO RREC.Blk shows that reclosing function is blocked. (RBRF.Blk has been blocked doesn't make sense).
Using RBRF.OpEx/OpIn might critical because these DO are transient. Maybe RBRF.Str.general would suit better?
25 Oct 21 Triage


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