1791   The confRev for GSEControl and SampledValueControl is mandatory by the standard, but optional by the

Created: 22 Sep 2021

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 6 (2019; Edition 2.1)


Page: 102,104

Clause: 9.3.10, 9.3.11

Paragraph: Restrictions


Restrictions 9.3.10 about ConfRev:
"The confRev attribute is mandatory if the type is GOOSE (respective the type attribute is not specified)."
(GSE is not used now, only GOOSE is used )

Restrictions 9.3.11 about ConfRev:
“The confRev attribute is mandatory for the SV control block.”

XML Scheme:
attribute name="confRev" type="xs:unsignedInt" use="optional"

The confRev attribute optional for GSEControl and SampledValueControl according XML scheme, but the confRev attribute is mandatory in the standard. Probably there is a difference in the standard and in the XML schema because for GSEControl there are dependencies on the type (GOOSE/GSSE) and for SampledValueControl there is a dependency on unicast or multicast. But GSSE and unicast SV are deprecated.
Then it turns out that if there is no confRev attribute in GSEControl and SampledValueControl in the SCD file, it will be correct when validation, but invalid according to the standard.


In the XML schema, make the confRev mandatory for GSEControl and SampledValueControl.

Discussion Created Status
Approved Not Applicable 06 Dec 21 Not Applicable
The XML schema is indicating it as optional for backward compatibility, has it was optional in first edition of the standard.

The standard is giving additional rules to the schema to validate the SCL
23 Sep 21 Approval (N/A)


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