1777   Issue with ValKind for FC EX and some other FCs

Created: 03 Jun 2021

Status: Discussion (red)

Part: Part 6 (2019; Edition 2.1)


Page: 124


Paragraph: Table 46


According to table 46, the only ValKind that applies to DAs with FC EX is Conf and it only applies to data attribute dataNs.

This would mean, that an attribute dataNs can not be visible online from the IED. However, having visibility online of attributes declaring namespaces may be useful for clients.

Further, it is unclear what applies to data attributes ldNs and lnNs - those definitely shall be visible online as some of the compatibility rules introduced with Ed 2.1 may require the client to understand what namespace an IED is using. But according to the text before table 46, valKind shall be ignored for all cases not specified in table 46 but it is not clear what it then means.

Further, table 46 specifies how operational process values are handled. But what belongs to that? Only ST and MX? Or as well SR, BL and OR?

Finally, the engineering process stage mentioned in this table are as well unclear. E.g. What is IED engineering and what is IED configuration?


Consider to improve table 46; e.g.

- Add all DAs with EX to RO
- Mention FC SR, BL, OR and SV
- In the column about engineering process, refer to definitions either from within part 6, e.g. as documented in Fig 1 - 4; improve those figures if needed or from part 4.

Discussion Created Status
Back to discussion 20 Dec 22 Discussion (red)
The new proposal indicates that SE are always settable. This is not a true statement. Attribute with FC = SE may be of valKind Set or RO potentially even Spec or Conf.
What is the meaning of SG with valKind Set? SG can not be set.

I am wondering if changing valKind to SV from Set to RO is an allowed way to disable the substitution services.

I think the proposal is not ready yet.

20 Dec 22 Approval (Editoral)
for approval 16 Dec 22 Approval (Editoral)
Agree with proposal to replace SG by SE.

regarding SV and BL, the engineer may want to force a fixed value not editable online during engineering (if IED support service SetToRO)

13 Dec 22 Discussion (red)
I am wondering about the 4th row, specifying valKind =RO for SV and BL attributes. What is the use case for having aquisition blocking and substitution associated interface read-only in the model?

I recommend to use SE instead of SG for the use case
1) Set: Operational setting Value (SP, SE for all data used ...)(row 7) . I suppose FC=SG with valKind=Set could only apprear in SCL 1.7 file.

2) RO: operational attribute of data used for setting (SP/SE) (row 4)

13 Dec 22 Discussion (red)
Should it be mentioned somewhere that DA dataNs, lnNs, and ldNs are always read-only and can never be modified? 12 Dec 22 Discussion (red)
add proposal 12 Dec 22 Discussion (red)
So is it a future issue and the details will be worked out for the next revision or is it an Editorial issue, that is considered with the next batching and where we then have to define here the solution. 11 Oct 22 Discussion (red)
Table to be updated accordingly to proposal for next revision 01 Mar 22 Approval (Editoral)
propose to have an editorial tissue 23 Sep 21 Discussion (red)
ValKind table to be revised 23 Sep 21 Accepted


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