1764   Incorrect use of IEC62439-3 term "QuadBox"

Created: 03 Mar 2021

Status: Accepted

Part: Part 90-4 (2020; Edition 2, Network Engineering)

Links: #1761 Wrong presentation of a HSR-PRP coupling device

Page: 267

Clause: 19.7.5

Paragraph: IED name="COUPLER"


This issue is related to recently submitted TISSUE #1761.

The description desc="Quad Box for connecting HSR ring to PRP network" is confusing. In IEC 62439-3(:2016) the term "QuadBox is only used to refer to a device coupling HSR rings, and that's how the term is known is the industry.


Solution will depend on what the outcome of TISSUE #1761 will be.

Scenario 1:
If TISSUE #1761 is accepted and the 4-port coupler is replaced with two standard 3-port couplers, then this whole ICD file element has to be replaced anyway

Scenario 2:
If TISSUE #1761 is rejected and the 4-port coupler is retained in the figure and ICD file, then replace the term "QuadBox" with "4-port coupler" or similar.

Discussion Created Status
The term "Quadbox" is wrong, although a company could give it this name for a multi-functional device. To be corrected in the next edition.
04 Mar 21 Accepted
Set links to 1761. 04 Mar 21 Triage


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