1745   Definition of type and id in DataTypeTemplates not consistent

Created: 30 Dec 2020

Status: Editorial

Part: Part 6 (2019; Edition 2.1)


Page: 121

Clause: 9.5.6

Paragraph: Table 49


The identifier(id) in for DOType, DAType and EmunType are limited to 255 as per tIDNaming as accepted in Tissue 1328. However, in Table "49: Attributes of the EnumType element" the id in EnumType is limited to 127 characters. Also the type attribute in tDA, tBDA as well as tDO, tSDO are not limited and tBDA, tDA have no minLength and tDO and tSDO have.


Synchronize all identifiers and type attributes in the DataTypeTemplate section: minLength = 1 maxLength = 127 xs:token.

Discussion Created Status
Approve Editorial 03 Jun 21 Editorial
Agree, the Schema is the reference and EnumType description shall be updated. I propose to remove the indication of the size limit in the PDF and rely only on XSD as the reference instead of updating all attrib utes in the PDF to indicate the size restriction already stated in XSD. 22 Feb 21 Approval (Editoral)
This can be considered as an editorial tisse. The text in the table should state "restricted to 255 characters".

The technical aspect are covered by the tIDNaming / tID complex type in the schema.
LNodeType@id, DOType@id, DAType@id and EnumType@id follow:
minLength = 1, maxLength = 255, pattern=\S+

Proposed to turn it to editorial
11 Feb 21 Triage


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