1729   Incorrect SCL example in (informative) Annex

Created: 23 Oct 2020

Status: Editorial

Part: Part 6 (2019; Edition 2.1)


Page: 115

Clause: D.2

Paragraph: 2


Many errors exist in the [Substation] section of the example SCD file.
1. Bay D1Q1: Infeed Line (IFL) "10km" is missing and should connect to required second terminal of the CT (now the CT incorrectly has only one terminal)
2. Transformer T1: Winding W2 connects to wrong node in bay E1Q2
3. Bay E1Q2: VT is attached to wronjg node in bay E1Q2
4. Bays E1Q1 and E1Q3: same problems as item 1 (CT has only one terminal and the Infeed Line is not present)

Also, the example is difficult to follow because the ConnectivityNodes are not shown on the diagram


a. Update Figure D.1 to show ConnectivityNodes
b. Make corrections to Example file
c. Add example file to the Code Components for 61850-6

Consider to add remark to clause 9.2.8 to note that the CT in Bay D1Q1 incorrectly has only one terminal

Discussion Created Status
Approve Editorial 03 Jun 21 Editorial
This update is editorial with no impact on implementation nor test 22 Feb 21 Approval (Editoral)
update example accordingly 22 Feb 21 Discussion (red)
The example in part 6 will be fixed according the proposal 28 Oct 20 Accepted


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