1717   LLN0 & LPHD to be defined in all namespaces

Created: 09 Sep 2020

Status: Approval (N/A)

Part: Part 7-1 (2011; Edition 2)


Page: 103

Clause: 13.4.2

Paragraph: N/A


If the entire logical devices are modelled in a different namespace like "IEC 61850-90-6", then we need to mention this namespace in "ldns" data attribute. Then the engineering tools will search for LN- LLN0 & LPHD in namespace "61850-90-16". where they are not defined.


Add the LN's LLN0 & LPHD to all namespace or mention that ldns will not be valid of LLN0 & LPHD.

Discussion Created Status
The issue has been addressed and solved in IEC 61850-7-1 Ed2.1.
TRs extends 7-4.
(Tr)IEC 61850-90-6:2018 is not a valid value for a logical device name space.
ldNs can olny reference to prime technical specification like 7-4, 7-420, ... i.e namespaces that include 7-4.

Please refer to IEC 61850-7-1:2020
21 Sep 20 Approval (N/A)


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