1713   SIUnitKind new values in AMD1 versus consolidated version

Created: 27 Aug 2020

Status: Editorial

Part: Part 7-3 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 91 (AMD1)

Clause: 8.16

Paragraph: Table 112


In AMD1 document there are new values compared to Ed2:
h 84 hour: Time
min 85 minute: Time
Ohm/m 86 Ohm per metre: Electric resistance per length
percent/s 87 Percentage per second

However, the consolidated (unofficial) version has two more (p.128):
A/V 88 ampere per volt: Low power current transformer
A/Vs 89 ampere per volt second: Rogowski coil ratio


I suppose the intention is / has been to include 88 and 89 also in the official document.

Discussion Created Status
Editoriel 24 Sep 20 Editorial
- 24 Sep 20 Approval (Editoral)
Agreed that Amd should be consistent with consolidated.

The consolidated is what we have in the nsd file. So this is Editorial for the AMD.

In case a Amd 2 will be prepared, that will be considered and mentioned
In case an Ed 3 will be prepared, it will be anyway in.
24 Sep 20 Discussion (red)
But there are in 7-3 AMD1 as well! However, only in the french version...
This appear to be an editorial tissue.
24 Sep 20 Accepted
Correct, the additions #88 and #89 were requested by IEC TC 38 WG 37 as these are needed in IEC 61869-13.
These shall be included in 7-3 Ed2 Amd1 as well.
27 Aug 20 Accepted


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