1692   SynchSrcID support mandatory for devices that support IEC 61850-9-3

Created: 28 Apr 2020

Status: Solution Accepted

Part: Part 9-2 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 23

Clause: 9

Paragraph: 9


Interoperabilty of process bus synchronized with IEC 61850-9-3 can only be achieved while exposing the GMID in the 9-2 messages. It is nevertheless unclear that the feature is mandated for :

- Publishers that can be syncheonized with 9-3
- Subscribers

Subscribers compliant with 9-2 Ed2.1 shall understand that there is a new optional service parameter.


Mandate support of OptFlds.synch-source-identity and for SendMSVMessage.SnychSrcID for both
- Publishers that can be syncheonized with 9-3
- Subscribers
that claim support of the standard.

Discussion Created Status
Ballot period expired without comment.
Move to solution accepted.
20 Mar 24 Solution Accepted
Starting ballot period 15 Feb 24 Ballot Period
Table A.4.2 specifies that if PTP is supported test case sSvp9 and sSvp15 are applicable.
sSvp15 = "Verify synchSourceId matches the GMC ID". So the tissue is already processed in the conformance test.
08 Aug 23 Conformance Test Verification
Next step: Conformance Test Preparation

As reported by Thierry, the test procedure is already ready for this tissue:
"The Ed2.1 testing procedures and therefore Ed2.1 compliant device have the mandatory test cases:
Publisher: sSvp3 - if PTP is supported, DUT is configured with both SCL:SmvOpts.syncSourceId true and false
Subscribers: sSvs2 - DUT subscribes SV stream configured with both SCL:SmvOpts.syncSourceId true and false "
27 Feb 23 Conformance Test Preparation
Next step : Analysis of compatibility

The goal of this tissue is to avoid futures interoperability issues between 9-2 publishers and subscribers.
The OptFlds.synch-source-identity has been introduced in the ed. 2.1, so the proposed resolution of this tissue has no impact on backward compatibility. (The backward compatibility issues are due to the ed 2.1 itself and already considered in the compatibility annex C)

The only compatibility issues due to this proposal might be with already implemented 9-2 publishers or subscribers, conformant with 2.1 and conflicting with the proposed resolution. Those devices, if any, would need a firmware upgrade.
I don't see any road stopper here.
09 Jan 23 Analysis Of Compatibility
Current proposal:

Add at the end of the clause 9, after "If SmpSynch = 0 or when PTP is not [..] is irrelevant and not defined.":
- All SVCB publishers shall support configuration of MSVCB OptFlds.synch-source-identity = FALSE. In addition, all SVCB publishers able to be synchronized using PTP shall support configuration of MSVCB OptFlds.synch-source-identity = TRUE.
- All SVCB subscribers shall support configuration of subscription to SVCB publishers with MSVCB OptFlds.synch-source-identity = FALSE and with MSVCB OptFlds.synch-source-identity = TRUE.

This will be repeated in Annex C / C.3.2
09 Dec 22 Verify Draft Implementation


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