1683   ICD file for IED functionality spanning for multiple VL and BAY

Created: 16 Mar 2020

Status: Editorial

Part: Part 6 (2019; Edition 2.1)


Page: 14

Clause: 9.2.1

Paragraph: The name value is also a global identification of


When creating an ICD file for device which functionality spans for multiple voltage levels and bays, how to name the VLs and BAYs? Standard clearly states that name 'TEMPLATE' shall be used for Substation, VoltageLevel and Bay and also that there must be unique name for each item on a dedicated container.


Would it be ok to use TEMPLATE[n] on each level where there are multiple instances?

Discussion Created Status
Approved Editorial 06 Dec 21 Editorial
Clarification to be added that in case of multiple instanciable elements have to be defined at a top level, then the ICD shall contains a Process element named TEMPLATE above them. 23 Sep 21 Approval (Editoral)
I think during the discussion, two discussions have been ongoing:
- the first related to the original question
- the second, questioning the usage of template.

I propose to restrict this tissue to the original question, which may require shorter term solution. For the more generic discussion of using "TEMPLATE", a new TISSUE shall be created.

With regard to the original question, the proposal to introduce a top level single element seems to be a reasonable approach. We Should make suchg a clarification in the standard. That could then be considered an Editorial TISSUE.
03 Jun 21 Discussion (red)
In case of need of two process elements managed by the IED, we still have the possibility to have a Process element above named TEMPLATE.

Naming an element TEMPALTE indicate to an SCT importing the ICD that this element is not directly used as it in the project and must be instantiated in the context of the project. In case of a device requiring to manage two different process elements, it will be useless for a user to name them TEMPLATE1 and TEMPLATE2. It will be better to give them a name related to the usage by the device and group them in an upper Process element named TEMPLATE.

In this case, only top element remain obliged to be named TEMPLATE, and this tissue is not relevant
02 Feb 21 Discussion (red)
Why do we use "TEMPLATE" for a Substation/Process/Bay Name? We want a tool to recognize this as a type and not as an instance. Now we start to encode in a name element the following information:

1 the element is a type
2 the identification for the type is an integer (index).

Can we also assume that this integer is identifying the same type in the context of one project (Use case: 3 different ISD/ICD files are used for the same project. In all files we have "TEMPLATE3". Can we assume all files refer to the same type?

Also regarding the second paragraph of my comment from 22.08 I'm not really happy with the TEMPLATE approach.
28 Oct 20 Discussion (red)
So conclusion would be that in the case of 2 root level process elements, we need top name them TEMPLATE1 and TEMPLATE2 (as pointed out by Thierry). Is that allowed today?

If yes, no need for a Tissue; otherwise, we still would need a Tissue.

So for the time being, I move it back to discussion
27 Oct 20 Discussion (red)
Still we could have a situation where the ICD covers Functions in two root level Process elements. Then we need to distinguish them also.

Furthermore, even if the names of VL, bays etc. in an ICD file can be different from TEMPLATE they still represent a typical VL or a typical Bay (e.g "Line Feeder Qxx"). I find it somehow strange to use the same attribute for an instance like Q01 and a type like "Line Feeder Qxx".
22 Aug 20 Approval (N/A)
As per definition of Clauses 7 for definition of an ICD file and clause 9.2.1, the name TEMPLATE is explicitly indicated for the top element of the ICD file (either substation, line or process).
So the names for VL and Bay are not forced to TEMPLATE, and it was never forced.
21 Aug 20 Approval (N/A)


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