1659   IP rating / Clarification

Created: 26 Jun 2019

Status: Triage

Part: Part 3 (2013)


Page: 34

Clause: 6.6.2

Paragraph: 2


There is an unclear background and feasibility of the requirement emanating from the last part of the second paragraph reading "...and that the test finger voltage or energy does not exceed the safe limits for normal operational use." together with the subsequent tests required.
The above mentioned requirements appear to be in contradiction to the basic safety standard IEC 60529 with respect to the jointed test finger testing for IP2X as IEC 60529 generally excludes any contact of the test finger to active parts. In this respect we consider the requirements from listing items a) to c) as a noticeable contradiction to IEC 60529. Additionally the application of of item a) as a basis for testing with the jointed test finger is seen as a non-justified deviation from the basic safety standard.


In order to avoid any misinterpration of current clause 6.6.2 it is appreciated to receive any explanation on the background and correlation to IEC 60529 in case the target of this clause is not only the prevention of accessibility to hazadous live parts.

Another option could be to consider the deletion of the above referenced last part of the second paragraph and the removal of items a) to c) in order to solve the issue related to the basic safety standard

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