1657   Segmented report format inconsistency

Created: 04 Jun 2019

Status: Approval (Future Improvement)

Part: Part 7-2 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 104


Paragraph: Table 38

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Table 38 (Report format specification) declares inclusion of the fields SubSqNum and MoreSegmentsFollow are controlled by OptFlds.sequence-number. This conflicts with clause and clause and part 8-1 where these fields are controlled by OptFlds.segmentation.

Note that this has already been corrected in Part 7-2 Am1 where it correctly states controlled by TrgOps.segmentation


Correct Table 38 to change the control of SubSqNum and MoreSegmentsFollow from OptFlds.sequence-number to OptFlds.segmentation.

Note that OptFlds.sequence-number now only controls inclusion of SqNum

Discussion Created Status
Based on the fact that the
-7-2 Ed2.1 has it correct,
-8-1 has it corret,

the tissue can be moved to FutureImprovement - realized in Ed2.1
02 Mar 20 Approval (Future Improvement)
agreed that the inclusion of SubSeqNum and MoreSegmentsFollows are controlled by OptFlds.segmentation.

OptFlds needs to be extended to host the bit segmentation.

Note that 7-2 Am1 has it stated properly with OptFlds.segmentation (not TrgOps.segmentation).

The SCSM mapping was already extending the OptFlds PACKED LIST with segmentation.
No impact on interoperabilit has it is an ACSI modification, while the SCSM remains untouched.
05 Jun 19 Discussion (red)


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