1652   Beh=TestBlocked in figures 38, 40, 41 and 42.

Created: 02 Apr 2019

Status: Approval (Future Improvement)

Part: Part 7-2 (2010; Edition 2)



Clause: 20


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


I think that it is necessary to review Figures 38, 40 , 41 and 42 after "WaitForExecution" status:
- MirrorBlockedCommand state is just for Beh=Test-Blocked. What happens if Beh=Blocked? It should be analogous.
- MirrorBlockedCommand state is mandated for any command, without taking into account if the command is directly associated to physical outputs (it makes sense, as they are blocked) or not (command will be performed successfully). For enhanced security (and optionally for normal security), CmdTerm- with Blocked-by-mode is mandated:
- Why is this mandated for this second case in which the command is not related to physical outputs and will be perfectly executed and terminated?
- And for a command directly associated with physical outputs, is it admissible to try to perform the command normally, of course physical output will not be activated, and therefore the command will finish after OperTimeout with CmdTerm - Invalid-position or Time-limit-over?


Discussion Created Status
Based on the fact that the Beh=Blocked,Test-Blocked transition is corrected in 7-2 Ed2.1,

the tissue can be moved to FutureImprovement - realized in Ed2.1.

02 Mar 20 Approval (Future Improvement)
- MirrorBlockedCommand state is just for Beh=Test-Blocked. What happens if Beh=Blocked? It should be analogous.
-> agree

- MirrorBlockCommand state is mandated to expose the interaction with opOk. If the controlled object, does not expose the opOk attribute, then the transition over the state is invisible.

- CmdTerm service indicates that the status has changed to the required value. In case the LN.Beh is blocked, test-blocked, the status has not changed - the change has been blocked-by-mode.
In both case (normal security, enhanced-security) the operate-resp was +. Only in case of enhanced-security, there is a monitoring of the status change.

The time-limit-over tissue 1237 is on-hold - and expected to be solved by 7-5.

The opOk interface is realized for GOOSE command (OpCls, OpOpn) from CSWI to XCBR. The controlled object XCBR.Pos can indicate with opOk that the command would have been excecuted.
05 Apr 19 Discussion (red)


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