1650   Table 2 BOOLEAN is misleading

Created: 12 Mar 2019

Status: Approval (Future Improvement)

Part: Part 7-2 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 23

Clause: 6.1.1

Paragraph: Table 2

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Value range column for row BOOLEAN is misleading to indicate that 0,1 are the values for Boolean. At an abstract level, Booleans are only false and true. In fact, the part 8-1 SCSM encodes (in ASN.1) BOOLEAN as 0 and non-zero.
This entry in part 7-2 can lead to implementations where only "1" will be accepted as Boolean "true"

This same problem may exist in Ed2.1 clause "Basic types"


Change cell from "0, 1 (false, true)" to "false, true"

Discussion Created Status
Based on the fact that the 7-2 Ed2.1 has it corrected

the tissue can be moved to FutureImprovement - realized in Ed2.1
02 Mar 20 Approval (Future Improvement)
Shall be submittted as editorial comment to the FDIS circulation of Amd1 to Ed 2 29 Mar 19 Discussion (red)
Agree to change the cell from "0, 1 (false, true)" to "false, true".

Not an interoperability issue, as
1) in part 6, the defintion of <Val> for boolean is clear
2) in part 8-1, the definition of the serialization of bolean values is still defined by ISO/IEC 8825-1:2008. i.e 0x00 encodes the boolean value false, while 0x01..0xFF encode the boolean value true
13 Mar 19 Discussion (red)


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