1627   Non availability of Sampled Values Subscription conformance test procedures

Created: 10 Apr 2018

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We are a utility and we are in the middle of the engineering process for our upcoming full digital substations wherein we will be installing the IEDs which are capable of subscribing to Sampled Values. Now, the test certificates for Merging Units mention that they are tested for SV publishing test cases (e.g., Svp1, Svp2 etc.). So, we assumed that the protection and control IEDs which subscribe to SV streams should be tested for SV subscribing test cases (e.g., Svs1, Svs2 etc. as per and of IEC 61850-10), but we couldn’t find any IEDs which are tested for SV subscribing test cases (we've browsed the test certificates published on this website: http://www.ucaiug.org/org/TechnicalO/Testing/Lists/IEC61850Ed1ClientCertificates/AllItems.aspx )

As there are no test procedures available for SV subscribing test cases, we urge UCA and IEC TC 57 to issue the test procedures for SV Subscription as almost all the IED manufactures have their IEDs capable of subscribing to SV and utilities which are in the process of implementing full digital substations will be in a fix while engineering the systems as they will not be sure about the behavior of the protection and control IEDs subscribing to SV.
We also urge IED manufacturers to please mention the behavior of their IEDs (to the SV subscribing test cases e.g., Svs1, Svs2 etc.) in the PIXIT documents even though the test procedures for SV subscription are not defined.


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Additionally, all test procedures are available to Corporate UCA members. 14 Jun 22 Approval (N/A)
SV subscription test cases were added January 19, 2021 and modified 2 times since that date. 14 Jun 22 Approval (N/A)
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