162   '$' or '.' ?

Created: 03 May 2005

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 8-1 (2004)


Page: 32

Clause: 7.3.2

Paragraph: 4

Category: No impact on this part


What is that "alternate specification" ?
Does it means that all compliant MSM servers must support a "." AND a "$" as separator ?
Does it means that a NamedVariable has to be used, and if yes, should an address be entered ? (see IEC 9605-1, 14.1.3)
What is the purpose of that alternate specification and why is it mandatory ?


Clarify the text

Discussion Created Status
The alternate specification is an mms access specification.
please refer to mms documentation for the definition of the alternate access.
17 May 05 Not Applicable
The short answer is yes that "$" support is mandatory (see the "shall") in the first part of the paragraph.

A longer answer is that MMS NamedVariables can't contain a ".". Thus when a "."'d name is past into ACSI, it must be translated into a Variable name that is consistent with MMS. Thus the substitution of "$" for ".".

There is no need to clarify the text, although I might support an informative note of the following nature:

"Informative Note: ISO 9506 NamedVariables do not allow the character "." to be used within the constraints set forth in 61850-8-1. Thus ACSI DataObject Names that contain the "." character must have the "." translated to a character supported within ISO 9506. The chosen character for the translation/substitution is "$"."
12 May 05 Triage


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