1614   Align clock LN statuses and settings with 1588

Created: 19 Jan 2018

Status: Discussion (red)

Part: Part 90-4 (2013; Edition 1)


Page: many

Clause: 19

Paragraph: several

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Many clock status and settings in LTIM, LTPC and LTPP are not aligned with IEC 61588.
Some objects are duplicated in different LNs
Additional objects may be needed.
There are numerous errors in the LNs


All configurable objects shall be settings, not statuses.
This applies to domainNum, ClkPrio1, ClkPrio2, Slave in LTIMext.
By contrast, some settings in LTPP are not configurable,
e.g. TwoStep (deprecated), PortID, ClkPortNum and should be statuses.
Why is ClkPortRef a setting ? One cannot oblige a boundary clock to use a specific port for synchronization, there can be several ports.
The objects LTPC OfsUtcTms and OfsUtc duplicates the object CurUtcOfsTms and CurUtcOfsVld in LTIMExt.
e.g. to configure a clock as transparent or boundary clock since this property was used in the IOP.
LogRpTimeout should be RpTimeout
SynIntv shoudl be LogSynIntv
PathDlIntv shoudl be logPathDlIntv
In LTPP: VlanEn, Vlan and Prio are not port properties, but clock properties and belong to LTTP.
The ALTERNATE TIME OFFSET INDICATOR objects should be mapped to LTIMExt TmOfsTmm, etc. since they duplicate this function.

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