1605   In Test mode, q=normal shall be treated Invalid?

Created: 14 Dec 2017

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)



Clause: Annex A


Category: No impact on this part


In test mode, table A.2 specifies to "Process as valid", if the incoming data is with q=normal.
Also the description says,
“Processed as valid” means that the application should react according to the quality and intended functionality of the LN.”

As part 7-1: clause 7.8.4 says that,
In order to make the function accept an incoming signal as valid for testing purposes, the following conditions shall be observed:
– in case of Goose or reporting services, the quality value of the incoming data shall be ‘test’,
Otherwise, the signal will be treated as invalid.

That means, in summary, when the device is in Test mode, and the incoming GOOSE is with q=normal (i.e., q.test=FALSE), needs to be considered invalid?



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The reason for this is that complex functions have a lot of inputs. If e.g. for testing interlocking you need to set all bays to test mode, you practically block system operation completely. For sure, this might lead to triggers via 'real' functions. If this shall be avoided, it is not forbidden to set everything to test mode!
For commands this is different, because these are coming from an operator, and the operator should know if he wants to make a 'real' operation or just test something. This also allows to distinguish commands from maintenance persons and those from system operators.
20 Dec 17 Not Applicable
Is there a use case for this requirement? During testing or commissioning, if the remote device/LN is not part of test group, the data from remote device can still trigger the test function. Is it expected?

Why the behavior is different for GOOSE/Reporting data vs the command from client? I mean, if LN is in test mode and the incoming data with q.test=FALSE is treated same as q.test=TRUE, why the control commands with test flag FALSE are given negative acknowledge. In this case, both incoming GOOSE/Report data and client command are same for test purpose and why is the differentiated behavior?
15 Dec 17 Not Applicable
If a LN is in test mode, incoming GOOSE with q.test = FALSE shall be treated the same as of q.test=TRUE. Here the appropriate statement in 7.1 is wrong / contradicts 7-4. It is only the reverse: if the LN is NOT in test mode, incoming signals with q.test=TRUE shall be treated as invalid. 14 Dec 17 Not Applicable


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