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Created: 02 May 2005

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Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


For pulse configuration,there are in part 7-4 PlsTmms in RREC and TrPlsTmms in PTRC. In part 7-3 there is for the CDC and others the attribute pulseConfig. This means for 7-4 that the pulse configuration as a breaker issue is already contained as attribute in XCBR.


The relationship between these settings has to be clarified any, maybe, PlsTmms and TrPlsTmms have to be remove in favor of the attribute pulseConfig in DPC in XCBR.

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Following the comment from Wolfgang, I would suggest the following for TrPlsTmms of PTRC:
If TrPlsTmms exists, that value applies to the output of PTRC; i.e that value determines how long the trip output (PTRC.Op) is active. If the protection relay is connected conventional, it is a local issue of the relay to control the pulse length of the output accordingly. If the relay is connected through a process bus to a device with the logical node XCBR, it is the reponsability of the device with the LN XCBR not only to use the activation of PTRC.Op to start the output pulse to the opening mechanism, but to maintain that output active as long as PTRC.Op received over the GOOSE message remains active. I assume that once PTRC.Op becomes inactive, the output pulse remains further active for the time that is configured for the pulse width in XCBR.

With regard to the PlsTmms in RREC, I don't think this is needed
29 Nov 05 Discussion (red)
It seems that it is common practice in protection systems, that the pulse output of a protection is much longer than the pulse length needed to trip the circuit breaker, e.g. to prevent a reclosure, or retrip immediately after a reclosure. This should be reconsidered in general, with special consideration of modelling distributed systems as well as conventional relays. 11 Nov 05 Discussion (red)
set to final proposal

Remove TrPlsTmms and PlsTmms
10 Oct 05 Ballot Period
I do not agree with the proposed suggestion, that if some vendors are not modeling XCBR (but only PTRC), they can use TrPlsTmms. The vendors have to model XCBR if they use attributes from XCBR. Otherwise, could these vendors also attach a EEName or EEHealth to PTRC to model the health and nameplate of the circuit breaker?

I would propose, to remove TrPlsTmms and PlsTmms.
03 Oct 05 Discussion (red)
Both issues (pulseConfig and TrPlsTmms/PlsTmms) are optional. I think it is not necessary to remove them, but it would be good if there is a better description when the pulseConfig should be used.
If some vendors don't model the XCBR in their IEDs, but trip the CBR direct with the PTRC they can use TrPlsTmms.
03 May 05 Triage


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