1586   Multiple <<.TmpSV>> in TTMP

Created: 10 Jun 2017

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 103

Clause: 5.1.17


Category: No impact on this part


This LN specifically is defined as "shall be used to represent a single temperature measurement"
In applications where a single "sensor IED" is used to measure several temperatures - e.g. a cable or transformer temperature monitoring IED, there may be 10's 100's 1000's of individual temperature measurements.
It does not make sense that each measurement has its own individual LN each with its own Common section thereby unnecessarily increasing the size of the datamodel.
As with other LNs with multiple instances of the same DO, this TTMP should be generalised to allow multiple instances of the <<.TmpSv>> DO within the one LN.


Change the definition of the LN to read
"Logical node TTMP shall be used to represent a temperature measurements using individual instances of DOs as required."

Then in the DataObjects listing change the DO reference to read

Discussion Created Status
Please consider tissue#744. In edition 2.1 in STMP is no EEHealth and EEName anymore. Further, it is intended to have one LN TTMP per sensor (=one temperature measurement) with EEName/EEHealth.
The tissue stays blue.
16 Nov 17 Not Applicable
The statement on overhead is only true for reporting. In terms of implementation and configuration, all data objects add an overhead.
STMP includes EE name plate and Health so if there are several measurements on the same equipment, this could mean having to replicate the configuration.
Similarly, it is common to make calculations of average temperature over a period, in which case each LN should have at least the 4 settings data objects (ClcMth, ClcMod, ClcIntvTyp, ClcIntvPer). If several measurement sensors fitted to the same equipment, the settings will (probably) be the same for each one.
15 Nov 17 Not Applicable
To be conform to the standard, use two instances. For example, distance protection function will be modeled with several LN PDIS instances ; each for one zone. 14 Jul 17 Not Applicable
If a data in 7-4 is not declared with a number at the end (in 2.1 ammendment not marked as "OMulti/MMulti"), is it forbidden to instanciate that data?
I mean, lets take "XXXXX.StrVal" as an example. If your IED have two settings to configure the starting value of that unit XXXXX, is it possible to use "StrVal1" and "StrVal2" to model both settings?
10 Jul 17 Not Applicable
The overhead consists of a single DO per LN instance, namely Beh, which can be neglected. Further, if the measurements shall get semantics in the context of the process, they must be at LN instance level, as this level is used to relate IED data to the Process / Substation section in SCL. Therefore not accepted. 12 Jun 17 Not Applicable


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