1585   Add a LN for Trend Recorder

Created: 06 Jun 2017

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)





Category: Issue for edition 3 of this part


The RDRE LN defines the disturbance recorder function, but the term "disturbance" gives a meaning that the data recorded are related to a fault.

There is no Recorder LN to standardize the recording of data the user only wants to monitor the behavior (data Trend), data which is not related to any fault or trigger.

RDRE could still be used, but there is a issue with RDRE.StoRte (storage rate) as its unit is fixed in "samples per milisecond", ruling out any application with a slower storage rate.
Trend recorders are one of such applications, with rates in the order of samples per day (see Tissue 1584).

This is in accordance with the introduction of statistical calculation (Annex F) in IEC61850 Part 7-4, Edition 2. These statistical data calculation period can be defined with the unit "Year" (see ClcIntvTyp).

It is only natural to have a recorder for these statistical data.


Create a Trend Recorder LN to standardize long term recording that is not related to a disturbance or trigger.

The storage rate for this recorder could follow the idea in Tissue 1584.

Discussion Created Status
In TR 90-17 the LN QCPR is modeled. The different intervals can be specified by ClcIntv from abstract LN(statistical).
If this does not meet the requirements, we can discuss them within edition 3 (future version of 7-4).
03 Jul 17 Not Applicable
Trend recorder functions for power quality are specified in the Technical Report IEC 61850-90-17. 09 Jun 17 Discussion (red)


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