1584   Add a DO to define RDRE.StoRte type

Created: 06 Jun 2017

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 83

Clause: 5.13.6


Category: Issue for edition 3 of this part


RDRE.StoRte, as defined in page 148: "Storage rate (often called sampling rate) of the disturbance recorder in samples per millisecond(ms)".

The "samples per milisecond" unit limits the application of RDRE to those that produce at least one sample per second.

Some applications (in my case a Trend Recorder) may want to record a new value in a period greater than a milisecond.

I am currently using ClcIntvTyp and ClcIntvPer from the LN Common Class to define the inverval a new data is recorded. This makes some sense as all data recorded are statistical calculation data, but it is not ideal.


Create a RDRE.StoRteTyp to define the unit of the value contained in RDRE.StoRte.

RDRE.StoRteTyp would be a Enum type. Interesting values to include in the enumeration:
* samples per milisecond;
* samples per cycle;
* samples per second;
* samples per minute;
* samples per hour;
* samples per day;
* samples per week;

RDRE.StoRte would then be defined as: "Storage rate of the disturbance recorder in samples per unit, the unit being set in StoRteTyp".

This proposal follows the logic used in statistical calculation, which uses DO ClcIntvTyp to define calculation interval type (ms, per cycle, etc.) of DO ClcIntvPer.

Discussion Created Status
Could be discussed within edition 3 (future version of part 7-4) 03 Jul 17 Not Applicable
Trend recorder functions for power quality are specified in the Technical Report IEC 61850-90-17. Please check if that fulfills your requirements. 09 Jun 17 Discussion (red)


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