1580   Add C37.118 to Protocol extended tag

Created: 19 Apr 2017

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 90-5 (2013; Edition 1, Synchrophasor)


Page: 122

Clause: Annex B

Paragraph: 1

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Its not possible to identify if the equipment is streaming data trough C37.118.2.
90-5 proposed to add the tag <Protocol> inside the SV Control Block in order to identify the R-SV usage, but not C37.118.


Allow to use C37.118 as valid value for <Protocol> tag inside SV Control Block

Discussion Created Status
C37.118-2 is NOT part of the IEC 61850 protocol. Therefore, if it shall use SCL language to describe the communication, it needs to be handled as an own protol subnetwork. A special <Protocol> element inside the control block is then not needed. An example SCL description is contained in IEC61850-90-5 Annex A using the SubNetwork type "C37.118-UDP". This is based on the definitions contained in clause 13.2.
Note that inside an ICD file a special IED access point for the 118 protocol variant needs to be defined, if this is implemented in parallel to the IEC 61850 protocol on the same server / IED.
26 Apr 17 Not Applicable
IEC 61850-8-1 Ed2.1 CDV is now out for comment. It includes the R-SV communication. However, the only 61850 standardized serialization is the 61850 one, not the C37.118.
IEC 61850-8-1 Ed2.1 CDV is out for comment through the NCs. I would recommend to put a comment there to have a sustainable standardized definition.
25 Apr 17 Discussion (red)


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