1568   ISAF.AlmReset ->transient

Created: 26 Jan 2017

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)

Links: #735 ISAF.Alm and ISAF.AlmReset




Category: Issue may impact interoperability of implementations of Edition 2


As an exception to the rule, that a tissue shall only be provided as NC comment on draft edition 2.1, the task force 7-7 provides an "interop" tissue additionally to decision in tissue #735. Reason is backward compatibility.


Change DO AlmReset to transient also for namespace version/revision 2007A.

The tissue starts directly with stage Final Proposal.

Discussion Created Status
This interop tissue will also be considered in v2.1. 01 Mar 17 In Force (green)
Change status of tissue directly to final proposal. 26 Jan 17 Ballot Period


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