1567   ARtg, VRtg cannot be set/changed from remote

Created: 25 Jan 2017

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 120

Clause: 6


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


This issue was partiatly treated in TISSUE 81.

It was stated in Ed1 and Ed2 that "ARtg" cannot be set/changed from remote. In our case "ARtg" is used to model the Rated Current of an external conventional current transformer. If you change the transformer, you may need to change the Rated Current. Which is the reason to forbid "remote" change of that setting?

On the other hand, whay does exactly "remote" mean?
- MMS seems to be "remote".
- What about CID upload? Is it considered "remote"?
- What about changing that setting (ARtg) using another remote protocol (relay may be not 61850 native and settings can be changed from "remote" using propietary protocols)?

Thanks in advance.


Remove "intrinsic property of the device, which cannot be set/changed from remote".

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Just for clarification: in the amendment of part 7-4 (see document 57/1644/CDV and 57/1645/INF) the second part of the sentence ("cannot be set/changed from remote") is removed.

Remote in the sense of ed.1 and ed.2 has been meant- by parameter setting services. It was not 100% correct.
In revision/edition 2.1 we let it open what is remote.
Changing of ARtg by using another CID was and is always a possible way.

26 Jan 17 Not Applicable


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