1512   Time setting using ASG CDC

Created: 16 Sep 2016

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)





Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Our device has a setting representing constant time for Thermal Image (PTTR logical node). "ConsTms1" data (CDC=ING) seems perfect for modelling the setting in 61850. But our setting is represented in minutes with stepsize=0.01 (0.6 seconds), so "ConsTms1" (CDC=ING) is not appropriate.

There are several possibilities:

1) Use a private data "ConsTmms1" (CDC=ING) expressed in milliseconds, but maximum value will be 18000000 ms (300 minutes) and the value seems terribly big to be configured, even to be read by a user.

2) Use a private data "ConsTmm1" (CDC=ASG) expressed in minutes. My question is: using CDC=ING for time settings (those whose name finishes in Tmh, Tmm, Tms, Tmms...) is only a recommendation or is a rule? All data in 7-4 Ed2 finished in Tm, Tmh, Tms... are CDC=ING (perhaps I am wrong).

3) Use "ConsTms1" but defined as CDC=ASG. In Edition 1, "EvTmms" data is defined as CDC=ING and CDC=ASG. I am pretty sure that this is not permitted in Edition 2. Am I right?

Aligned with this, in general, if I need to invent a private data to model a setting expressed in seconds in my device, but with decimals (stepsize=0.01), is it better to define a CDC=ASG data expressed in seconds or a CDC=ING data expressed in milliseconds?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Discussion Created Status
This is an implementation issue:
Reg. your proposals.
1)+2) Forbitten, because, if there is a DO available in the standard you should use it (interoperability!)
3) More than forbitten: A DO has been assigned to only only CDC.

To be conform with the standard you should use ING with seconds.
16 Sep 16 Not Applicable
The Unix time representation should be used: seconds and binary fractions of second. Mixing binary, decimal and duodecimal system (milliseconds, minutes) could produce conversion errors. 16 Sep 16 Triage


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