1511   InRef1 is multiple instance or only constant name?

Created: 16 Sep 2016

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 23

Clause: table common LN

Paragraph: table common LN

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Does the name of DO InRef1 suggest multiple instances (InRef1, InRef2... InRef[n]) or it is always InRef1?

There is no description for this, thus single instance always named InRef1?

CycTrMod1 has description in the table for RREC. There are multiple instances of DOs.



Discussion Created Status
as mentioned by Henry in the previous response - The ame dme t that is published fixes this. Please look at the amendment. 17 Sep 16 Not Applicable
The X1 in PDIS and TmAChr33 in PDIF also?

There shall be clarification in all tables that uses numbers for multiple instances of DO.
16 Sep 16 Not Applicable
The number following the DOname within a LN-table shows that there can be many instances of it in an instance of that LN-class.

To improve the understanding of that rule, IEC TC57 WG10 introduces in the revision of part 7-4 (in stage "committee draft for voting" now) special presence conditions, e.g. Omulti - "Zero or more elements may be present; all instances have an instance number >0" , Mmulti- "At least one element shall be present; all instances have an instance number >0".
InRef has the presence condition Omulti.
16 Sep 16 Not Applicable


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