1510   The comma in "<xs:pattern>"

Created: 15 Sep 2016

Status: Not Applicable

Part: General


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Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


The sets in Regular Expressions shall not include commas.

For example the value ",0,F" is valid for pattern "[0-9,A-F]{4}".

The value: "0,-,F-0E-7E-A0-,," is valid for MAC Address now.


Remove commas from Regular Expressions only for next revisions. Names of object according to older versions of the norm may include commas for example in names of objects (smvID, rptID etc.).

Replace also:
<xs:pattern value="[0-9,&#44;]+"/>
<xs:pattern value="[,0-9]+"/>

Discussion Created Status

This issue has already been corrected in the schema version 2007, revision B, release 2014-01-22 that has been circulated to the NC as a Document 57/1604/DC, on 2015-10-02
19 Sep 16 Not Applicable


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