1502   What is the function scope of LocSta

Created: 28 Jun 2016

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Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 159

Clause: Table B.1 – Relationship between Loc/Rem data obje


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Does LocSta function:
on all levels of LD/LN including containing LN and all sub-level LNs?
on containing LN only?

For instance:
assuming LDBB is nested under LDAA, all LNs in the IED are missing for LocSta except for LDAA/LLN0.LocSta, in this case LDAA/LLN0.LocSta=T means
Answer 1. LocSta=T for all LNs (for example LDBB/CSWI1.LocSta=T)?
Answer 2. only means LDAA/LLN0.LocSta=T?

Assuming 2 is correct, what is the default value for other LN.LocSta? Or LocSta has to be defined under LNs where applicable?


Please clarify.

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LocSta at LN level (e.g. CSWI) shows that the condition of station vs. remote control shall be checked (e.g. static test within control model of CSWI.Pos). If there is no CSWI.LocSta available, no test reg. LocSta can be done. (Btw: LocSta is forbidden if there is no Loc available).

The instance of that CSWI.LocSta can be read-only (here I would assume that a higher LLN0.LocSta (controllable) propagates its value to the CSWI.LocSta).

The purpose of LN.LocSta is to perform tests. The purpose of LLN0.LocSta (or higher LD/LLN0.LocSta) is processing LN.LocSta, when it is available, for e.g. complete bay device.

To answer your question: I see no default value for LocSta. If it is missing, there is no need for a default value.

Your question is valid as input to the future TR IEC 61850-7-5.
11 Jul 16 Not Applicable


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