1474   Formal MICS requirements

Created: 11 Feb 2016

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 10 (2012; Edition 2)


Page: 16

Clause: 5

Paragraph: 5.4.1

Category: No impact on this part


The standard states: "A model implementation conformance statement or MICS shall be provided detailing the data object model elements supported by the system or device. The MICS is implemented in the ICD or IID file according to IEC 61850-6.". To my mind this phrase actually calls for a full description of the model in the MICS. At the same time UCA-certified labs usually provide vendors with MICS-template containing information only on extensions of the model, not the whole model.

Are there any formal requirments to the MICS provided by the Standard? What is the status of MICS template by UCA?


1. Clarify strictness of the statement regarding the need for description of the moderl.
2. Provide MICS requirements (and template for the document) in IEC 61850-10.
3. Make UCA MICS template conformant with the statements of the standard.

Discussion Created Status
Your points 1. and 2. are fulfilled in part 10 - see your citation from clause 5.4.1. An ICD respective IID file is fully defined in part 6 and thus delivers a formal description of an IED MICS.
Your point 3. related to UCA requirements for conformance testing is outside the scope of the standard - it must be solved by the UCA testing group.
23 Feb 16 Not Applicable


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