1430   opRcvd for controllable object

Created: 05 Aug 2015

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-3 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 68



Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


In semantic table DO opRcvd is only for indication that an operate command for a controllable DO has been received. But if XCBR is realized as breaker IED at the switchyard and CSWI sends GOOSE messages (OpOpn/OpCls) to XCBR. Must XCBR generate opRcvd? And if i want to test protection node without trip command to process and i want to be sure that XCBR receives trip command but it doesn`t operate, may i use opRcvd?


Discussion Created Status
22 Nov 15 In Force (green)
Final Proposal:
Text will be improved as follow (change first sentence):
The command is received ('opRcvd') by the IED as a control service or as a GOOSE message with a data object semantic resulting in a change of the controllable object (e.g. CSWI.OpOpn/OpCls, CPOW.OpOpn/OpCls, PTRC.Tr, RREC.OpCls, RBRF.OpEx, ATCC.TapOpR/TapOpL, SIMG.InsTr, ...)

Note: the test according to annex E of the UCA testing guideline need to be extended
22 Oct 15 Ballot Period
I agree with the proposal:
Tr is a data object that is interpreted as an 'operate' request on the controllable object, and therefore shall be mirror by the opRcvd, opOk, tOpOk as well as OpOpn, OpCls.

06 Aug 15 Discussion (red)
The opOk will be performed by XCBR.Pos. So the control by OpOpn can be by checked.
Future technical report IEC 61850-7-500 gives an example.
06 Aug 15 Discussion (red)


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