1408   regarding Report Control Block

Created: 10 Jun 2015

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Page: 74

Clause: 14.2

Paragraph: second

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I am new in IEC 61850 . I am facing RCB connecting with SCADA software. when I enable RCB. I did not get any data on SACDA software. I took the wirshirk log. Please refer the attach image. Please let me know whats going wrong.

Thanks in Advance.


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Dear Ankur,
the purpose of this page is to document issues in the standard IEC 61850. This is not a help desk for implementation. Thanks for your understanding.

We should close that TISSUE.
30 Jun 15 Not Applicable
Dear Ankur,

the server response for q is incorrect (bytes 84 01 00). It should return something like 84 03 03 00 00. Is the server conformance tested with certificate?
10 Jun 15 Triage


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