1406   Additional Units needed to support the coming 90-3 report

Created: 06 Jun 2015

Status: Future Improvement

Part: Part 7-3 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 168

Clause: Annex A


Category: Issue for edition 3 of this part


Following the latest TC57 WG10 meeting in Regina, and in order to support the new model objects proposed by the coming 90-3 report, many Units needs to be added to the current list.

%/s percent/s
ppm/s ppm/s
mol/s mole/s
kg/m kg/m
Ah Ampere-hour
Ah/s Ampere-hour/second
V/s volt/second
1/°C per degre°C
°C/s degre °C/second


Include in the list the proposed units.
Consider CIM harmonisation for literal and value. As such only Amp.Hour is supported by CIM as enumeration 106

Discussion Created Status
New Units will be included with Ed 3 of IEC 61850-7-3 (in line with the Integration of IEC 61850-90-3 into part 7-4).
As intermediate solution, in the context of 90-3 this can be solved by extesnions in the negative range of the enum field
21 Oct 15 Future Improvement
90-3 will be included in Ed3 of 61850-7-3.
The DOs introduced by Tr 90-3 are to use the dataNs of 90-3.
The attribute of basic type "Enum" follow the enumeration definition of 90-3 if available there otherewise the 7-3.
A 90-3 device description (ICD/IID) will include therewith the Enumeration followed by the DataAttribute. I may include extension.

Propose to continue discussion within 90-3 release + later when 90-3 will be part of 7-x Ed3.
08 Jun 15 Discussion (red)
Ah is not a useful unit for battery capacity since it applies to batteries with a constant voltage dropping sharply when the battery is depleted. Some batteries and supercaps do not behave according to this model. I suggest to use MJ instead, since kWh should not be used. "StateOfCharge" applies to MJ, not to Ah. 08 Jun 15 Triage
Non SI-units such as ampere-hour should not be used, use kC instead.
In addition, 90-3 only uses Ah in AhrRtg. For the rest, it express a capacity as ratio to the rated capacity (BatChInd, etc.. ), which is %.

Introduce rather the usual denomination of SoS (State of Charge), also for MinAhrRtg. This would allow to use the same unit for storage systems that do not rely on current (e.g. flywheel).

Since the Kelvin scale is the same as Centrigrade (with offset), use
1/°K and °K/s instead.
07 Jun 15 Triage


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