1405   SumSwARs definiton is not accurate and is associated with a CDC not relevant for it

Created: 06 Jun 2015

Status: Future Improvement

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 148

Clause: SumSwARs


Category: Issue for edition 3 of this part


Following the latest TC57 WG10 meeting in Regina and the assessment of the modeling requirement to support 90-3 report, a specific issue has been raised on SumSwARs.
Part 7-4 says that :
This data object indicates the sum or integration of all
switched currents since the last reset of the counter, and is resetable, based on the BCR CDC.
3 issues are currently faced :
- sum or integration are of different type, with different units
- the unit(s) to consider is(are) not defined
- as such BCR, originally designed to count pulse, doesn't fit the requirement, and can't be set as such resetable


Deprecate SumSwARs

Introduce as "replacement"
- SumSwASqRs (with CDC APC)
Sum of all switched currents since the last set(preset) of the value (in A2) (presettable)
- SumSwASqTRs to be added as APC
Integration of all switched currents since the last set(preset) of the value (in A2s) (presettable)

Discussion Created Status
Change to on hold because it is moved to ed.3. 20 Jul 15 Future Improvement
The tissue discussion shows a more general issue:
- what is the indented use of BCR?
- how to reuse of already calculated values/data after replacement of IEDs?
- is APC the right CDC for SumSwASq etc.?
Therefore we, 7-4-editors, propose to change to ed.3 for part 7-4.
09 Jul 15 Discussion (red)
I would also recommend
1) to wait for Ed3
2) use the discussion to perform a reassessment of usage of BCR in 7-4 - are LCCH.RxCnt, RedRxCnt, TxCnt BCRs?
07 Jul 15 Discussion (red)
I would prefer to deprecate the use of SumSwARs and OpCnt in XCBR and advice to use SCBR. However, due to interoperability issue that it could create, I could understand that we will prefer to wait Edition 3.
OpCnt is already resettable in SCBR, why having a different behaviour for SumSwSq and SumSwASqT? When user is testing SCBR function with test injection equipment for example, he would like to be able to reset the values at the end of the test. If we are not able to reset values using IEC 61850 control services, we will prevent use of IEC 61850 smart tools for maintenance of primary equipment.
26 Jun 15 Discussion (red)
Based on Discussion with ENTSO-E TF I support the proposal to add the new one to SCBR. 19 Jun 15 Discussion (red)
I support to add the DO SumSwSq and SumSwASqT (both not resettable, not necessary to name "Rs" in the DOname) and I would suggest to add them in SCBR. 18 Jun 15 Discussion (red)
The data XCBR.SumSwARs shall stay in the model. 18 Jun 15 Discussion (red)


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