1388   sboClass and sboTimeout not defined with condition AC_CO_SBO

Created: 13 May 2015

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-3 (2010; Edition 2)



Clause: 7.5


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


The Table 1 in clause 5 defines the condition AC_CO_SBO with

"If the controllable status class supports control and if the control model supports the values "sbo-with-normal-security" or "sbo-with-enhanced-security" or both, that attribute shall be mandatory."

But at all CDCs containing sboTimeout and sboClass both are defined with AC_CO_O instead of AC_CO_SBO.


Change in the following CDCs the condition for sboTimeout and sboClass to AC_CO_SBO:


Discussion Created Status
if SBO is not supported, these attributes are optional; they are of no use 22 Nov 15 In Force (green)
To be applied for Ed 2.1
Final proposal
- sboTimeout: AC_CO_SBO
- operTimeout: Mandatory, if object declares support of control model with enhanced security
- sboClass: DEFAULT = operate-once (that means, if it is not operate-once it has to be present with the value operate-many)

In Addition, beyond the TISSUE
- stSeld: AC_CO_SBO

Those measures will enhance in the future interoperability and auto-configuration of the clients as there is less variants for the Client to implement.

If a Client needs to be backwards compatible with older Servers, he can not rely to get the information above and needs to provide other means to be configured properly.
21 Oct 15 Ballot Period
We discussed already for Edition 1 if sboTimeout should be mandatory for SBO support, however decided that although it must be specified for the application it is not mandatory to provide it in the online readable model. You could as well use SCL with valKind=Conf or =Spec to specify it and keep it locally in the IED.
If we now decide that it MUST be online readable (and optionally settable), we should handle operTimeout in a similar way(i.e. conditionally mandatory for process control, as it applies also for normal commands but is unnecessary e.g. for setting of Mod or LocSta).
Note that for backwards compatibility any client must still be prepared that these attributes are not in the online model.
26 Aug 15 Discussion (red)
so proposal would be:
- sboClass: AC_CO_O
- sboTimeout: AC_CO_SBO

of course abbreviations for the conditions need to be aligned with the new abbreviations
15 Jul 15 Discussion (red)
AC_CO_SBO defines the attribute as being mandatory if the control model sbo-with-normal-security or sbo-with-enhanced-security or both are supported.
Tissue 1387 defines a defaulting of the sboClass value. Therefore SboClass understanding has already been resolved.
As for SboTimeout is make surely sense to have them mandatory in the context of sbo control model.
A compromise would be to use the MO(support sbo).
08 Jun 15 Discussion (red)


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