1371   Add new LNs SVTR SCTR

Created: 20 Apr 2015

Status: Future Improvement

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)



Clause: 5.14


Category: Issue for edition 3 of this part


All IEDs can monitor a status of current and voltage wired circuits from measurement transformers to the IED. In case of fail detection IEDs executes alarm and (according to project) protection functions blocking (for example, blocking PTUV in a TVTR circuits malfunction).
There is no such LNs presented in 7-4.


Case 1. Add voltage transformer supervision SVTR and current transformer supervision SCTR LNs.

Case 2. Add insulation medium supervision (solid insulation) SIMS LN.

Discussion Created Status
Because an extension is proposed, the tissue status will be changed to on hold. It will be discussed and solved in edition 3. 16 Jul 15 Future Improvement
DO EEHealth indicates health of transformer (and a health of wired circuits). But this DO does not implements any actions and settings for discussed feature. Here is a list of required DOs (similar for SVTR and SCTR):

Name CDC M/O Explanation
Alm SPS M General Transformer alarm
BlkOp SPS O Bloking dependent protection functions
FuFail SPS O Fuse failure or circuit automatic switch open
UnbVal MV O Measured unbalance control value
OpCntRs INC O Resettable operation counter
UnbAlmLev ASG O Unbalance level for alarm state
UnbBlkLev ASG O Unbalance level for blocking state
AlmDlTmms ING O Time delay to alarm state
BlkDlTmms ING O Time delay to blocking state
EnaBlk SPG O Enabling blocking feature

Actually these DO can be included in TVTR/TCTR, but its not pretty :)
21 Apr 15 Discussion (red)
The LN TVTR and TCTR have the data objects Health/EEHealth. These objects can be used to model a faulty status of instrument transformer incl. wired circuits.
If you can differentiate faults in wired circuits from instrument transformer faults, please explain.

If the LN STVTR/SCTR still be required, please specify the data objects for the DOname, CDC and presence condition.
21 Apr 15 Discussion (red)


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