1352   There is no Logical Node for sensing Luminosity

Created: 17 Feb 2015

Status: Future Improvement

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)





Category: Issue for edition 3 of this part


For photo voltaic DERs and other microgrid type of solutions, there needs to be a sensor type for luminosity. Additionally, luminosity should be part of MMET.


Create an new logical node TLUM for luminosity measurements and also add a DO for MMET.

Discussion Created Status
Because an extension of the data model is required the tissue will be solved in the next version of this part. Therefore status will be changed to on hold. 16 Jul 15 Future Improvement
There are 2 situations that need to be addressed. One of Metrological information regarding sunlight (should go into MMET) and one of actually measuring light intensity.

Intelligent streetlights are beginning to measure their light output vs power consumption and are being controlled in regards to that. The measurement is in Lumens (I guess it could be candellas).

In MMET we currently have measurements for cloud and snow cover, but not the intensity of the light on the PV. This needs to be added as well.

One is an environmental issue (e.g. MMET) and the other is a measurement/output.

Hope this helps.
02 Mar 15 Discussion (red)
It is not very clear what is meant here.
Maybe the Wikipedia helps.
Please give some references how the term is used regarding PV installations.

18 Feb 15 Discussion (red)


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