1351   CDC OTS for tracking Log not mention in IEC61850-7-4

Created: 12 Feb 2015

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-2 (2010; Edition 2)

Links: #732 LTRK DO for log query tracking is missing

Page: 76



Category: No impact on this part


CDC OTS is defined in IEC61850-7-2, while this cdc not list in IEC61850-7-4 5.3.10 LTRK, and for log, all services shall not be tracked, so even create this cdc in data model, no log service will be tracked.
addtion: for a service not be tracked, it means the value of serviceType never change or the value will change but when the tracking data object is a data-set member of the data-set associated to to a BRCB / URCB with trigger options as data-update, but no Report will create.


Suggest delete OTS definition in IEC61850-7-2, and also if a service not be tracked, serviceType value not change.

Discussion Created Status
see Tissue 732 17 Feb 15 Not Applicable
Added link to Tissue 732.

Resolved by removal of OTS altogether.
12 Feb 15 Triage


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