1350   LCB bufTime definition is different from IEC61850-8-1

Created: 12 Feb 2015

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-2 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 120



Category: No impact on this part


bufTime in IEC61850-7-2 of LCB says have the same definition as BRCB. Can read and write.While in IEC61850-8-1, table 65, it says Not mapped to MMS. Every Entry is handled as if bufTm was 0, i.e.without an extra buffering of the events. they are conflict.


I suggest if every Entry handle as bufTm=0, then it no need to configure in scl file, remove bufTime from scl file, and remove the bufTime definition in IEC61850-7-2.

Discussion Created Status
no change
This is an SCSM restriction, not an ACSI one.
23 Apr 15 Not Applicable
I agree with Wolfgang. This is an SCSM restriction, not an ACSI one.
In dual stack mapping case, the stronger SCSM condition applies.
09 Mar 15 Discussion (red)
As in future there might be other mappings than 8-1, parts 7-2 and 6 will be unchanged. Different mappings might introduce different restrictions to the abstract layer. 17 Feb 15 Discussion (red)


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