1346   SGCB.NumOfSG=1 allowed?

Created: 22 Jan 2015

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-2 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 86



Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


It is not clear if a Settings Group can be of size 1.
Some experts believe NumOfSG must be greater than 1, but this is nowhere written.
Use case for NumOfSG=1 is to simultaneously change many settings using ConfirmEditSGValues


Clarify is NumOfSG can be 1

Discussion Created Status
Correct: ConfirmEditSGValues parameter table states this re-activation.

Does this mean that " LActTm – last activation time
The attribute LActTm shall identify the time when the last service SelectActiveSG has been processed successfully." needs to be modified, e.g., as follows? LActTm – last activation time
The attribute LActTm shall identify the time when the last activation has been processed successfully. The activation could have been issued by the service SelectActiveSG or by an automatic re-activation (see clause
23 Jan 15 Not Applicable
7-2 states already:
In case the edition were made on the “active” SettingGroup, then the service ConfirmEditSGValues re-activates automatically the active SettingGroup with the updated setting values

22 Jan 15 Not Applicable
NumOfSG=1 may end up in the following inconsistency:

Suppose to have SGroup1 [122,3,12 ...] as in 7-2 Ed2.

The SelectActiveSG service (SettingGroupNumber #1) would load the values of the SettingGroup #1 into the active buffer.

Next we issue SelectEditSG (SettingGroupNumber #1) and issue SetEditSGValue with new values [133,4,15 ...]

The service ConfirmEditSGValues would "overwrite" the values of SettingGroup #1.

We have now: the values [122,3,12 ...] in the active buffer,
and the values [133,4,15 ...] in the active setting group #1.

Clause 16.1 defines: "The active value of a data object contained in the SettingGroup can be accessed directly with GetDataValues."

This is not true in our case. The GetDataValues (FC=SG) would return the values from the active buffer [122,3,12 ...]. The GetEditSGValue (FC=SG) should return the values from the SettingGroup #1 [133,4,15 ...].

As long as the service SelectActiveSG (SettingGroupNumber #1) has not been issued after the change of the values, the new values are not yet loaded into the active buffer.

I suggest that we define for the case of NumOfSG=1 that the SelectActiveSG shall be issued immediately after the ConfirmEditSGValues in order to have the same values in the active buffer and in the setting group #1.
22 Jan 15 Discussion (red)
Yes, a number of 1 is valid.
Even if no setting groups may be changed, this allows to set a consistent set of setting values with one Confirm service message.
22 Jan 15 Not Applicable


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